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In today’s world, it is easy to leave yourself financially exposed. GradGuard is designed to help students and their families protect their investment in higher education. See what student benefits are available at your school:

College Renters Insurance and College Tuition Insurance

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College Renters Insurance

Protect yourself and your belongings when your school or landlord cannot. This includes on and off-campus living and your personal property.

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Renters Insurance Covers:

Personal Computers, Bicycles, Televisions, Cell Phones, Text Books, School Supplies, Clothing, Jewelry* and Much More!

While you lived at home, your property was likely protected, but now that you are living on your own, you need to protect both yourself and your property with an affordable renters insurance plan from GradGuard.

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Tuition Insurance Can Cover

Serious Injury or Illness, Mental Health Conditions, and Chronic Illness.

Tuition Insurance can protect up to 100% of your family’s education investment should a student withdraw for a covered medical reason. Some of our policies include up to a 100% reimbursement for the total cost of non-refundable tuition, fees, room and board.

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Tuition Insurance

Protect your tuition payments and more with our affordable tuition protection. Tuition Insurance can provide a reimbursement for tuition and covered fees when your school may not.

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More schools trust GradGuard to provide student benefits and insurance programs that help attract and retain students while removing obstacles to enable them to complete their education.

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